Swift Summit Conference report

This is the first Swift conference I have attended since starting Swift development 6 months ago. Below are some of my key takeaways from the conference:

  • Protocol-oriented programming and value semantics are the recommended paradigms to follow in Swift programming.
  • ReactiveCocoa
    • A library that, allegedly, provides a very logical way to deal with the event sequence ( synchronously and asynchronously)
    • This open source library brings the paradigm “Functional Reactive Programming” to ios. This paradigm is a new concept to me which I look to explore further.
  • Beyond the block based API: Building a simple Future
  • How to build a compelling Watch App
    • Introduction to what makes sense in a Watch app – A very simple use case
    • Basic features to build in a Watch app to make it compelling
      • Animations
      • Dictation
      • Device-to-device communication
  • Protocol MVVM
    • An example using UITableViewController with a custom tableview cell to provide a use-case of Protocol MVVM to View Controllers
    • Talk derived from the speaker’s blog posts here and here
  • Compile time guaranteed.
    • The talk started off with the importance of why we need to test our code.
    • This talk then focused on how we should approach Swift coding to ensure that most of the errors happen at compile time.
  • 55 Swift standard library protocols
    • The speaker classified the standard library protocols into 3 different categories and recommends us to identify similar scenarios in our coding:
      • Can do (end in Able)
        • Hashable, Equatable, Comparable, CustomPlaygroundQuickLookable
      • Is a (end in Type)
        • CollectionType, SequenceType, GeneratorType
      • Can be (end in Convertible)
        • FloatLiteralConvertible,CustomStringConvertible

The other talks dealt with the following:

  • Example of compiler time optimizations done by the Swift
  • Introduction to error handling, Swift 2.0 style (guard/defer, do-try-catch, throws)
  • Lyft’s high-level experience in re-writing their Obj C app completely in Swift.
  • Introduction on how to do Apple Pay
  • Introduction on starting tvOS coding

Once the videos and slides of the conference are out, I will share them

Overall it was a great experience to see what the most-discussed topics are in the Swift world and to interact with the great speakers and organizers of the conference.


Picture of the Regency center, the venue at SFO

Swift Summit Conference report

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