RWDevCon 2016 – My thoughts

This post is to summarize my personal experience with one of the most amazing conferences I have ever been to
The awesome team behind the world-famous Ray Wenderlich tutorials have organized a unique iOS conference for the first time in 2015. It has been such a hit, that I had to buy conference ticket 4 months in advance to get in 2016. Among others, the most distinguishing aspect of this event is the “Hands on tutorials”. The awesome speakers at the Ray Wenderlich will not just preach ( like other conferences) but also make the attendees get their hands dirty with code. I want your to understand how big of a deal this is. As any good  software engineer knows, the only way to internalize any software concept is by actually coding it out. It took me years for me to come to terms that we need to implement (code) concepts without theory, just to understand them ( as opposed to the exams where you study, understand and apply concepts in exam, but I digress).

I am going to repeat the single most important fact of being a software engineer ( in blocks now)

As any good  software engineer knows, the only way to internalize any software concept is by actually coding it out

In my opinion, people attend conferences for learning important and most relevant concepts in their field of study. Thus for a software engineer, the best way to understand a new concept presented at conference is to code it out. As far as I am aware, RWDevCon is the only conference that has been able to incorporate coding into the teaching process and are extremely successful, while they are at it.

I have been working as an iOS developer for less than a year and I have gained a lot of knowledge and tons of additional research to do.

The keynote speech by the great Ray Wenderlich himself, inspiration talks by those who made big in the mobile development space, gave me some thoughtful reflection opportunities after a grueling coding sessions.

The RWDevCon platinum sponser, CouchDB, organized an amazing party after the first day of conference with open bar 0317

After which I got to play the board game , “Bohnanza”pic69366

with some of the most amazing, intelligent people, including couple of the speakers. I have made some very good friends out of the 2 hours negotiation-roller coaster of Bohnanza game (which I highly recommend you try). I think this board game is the single most brilliant ice-breaker for an introvert like me to network in conferences. I really made some good friends (, that I hope to foster.

Thanks to the amazing organizers, tech editors, speakers and Ray himself for deciding to have the conference in 2016 as well and helping me become a better iOS developer and a better person.

Below is the picture of our “board game team extraordinaire” who played for atleast couple of hours at party.


PS: I will create another post with the summary of the conference tutorials I attended as this is more of my personal experience of the conference.


RWDevCon 2016 – My thoughts

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