Core Data Debugging Nugget

iOS developers seem to be split about Core Data framework. I have seen people who feel like Core Data “just makes sense” for them to those who consider Core Data is very hard to comprehend. I definitely belonged to those in the latter.

Due to a crash in Core Data code at work, I had to take a closer look at Core Data framework ( Original author the core data code left team and I am the one who drew the short straw for ownership). This code has been working , sans crashes, for a few releases now, but since iOS 9.3 it has started randomly crashing in production ( with of course no reliable repro steps). The exact code that has crashed has not been touched for a few releases.

Due to apparent lack of explanation, I dove deep into how to debug Core data code and found this debugging nugget.

Core data debugging nugget

  • Create a new Xcode scheme by selecting the tab in top left corner right before the simulator/device type and selecting “New Scheme”. Name it something eay to understand like “TestCoreData” (Using Ray Wenderlich video tutorial project as example here) Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 10.32.02 AMScreen Shot 2016-04-17 at 10.32.49 AM
  • This new scheme will not be the default selected scheme. Click on the “Scheme” tab again and this time select “Edit scheme” as shown below

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 10.38.24 AM

  • Select the “Run” option from the left menu and select the “Arguments” tab from the right side wizard. Here click on the “+” sign under the “Arguments passed on launch” tab. Here enter the text                                                                            “ 1” and hit “Close” at the right bottom corner of the wizard.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 10.33.15 AM

The next time you launch you app with this scheme selected and if you are using your CoreData layer incorrectly, you will get a crash that is similar to the below with the entry at end of your stack trace pointing to “NSManagedObjectContext_Multithreading_Violation_AllThatIsLeftToUsIsHonor__ ” providing you the indication that you are creating your NSManagedObjectContext object (or) NSManagedObject object in one thread and using it in an another ( which is CoreData violation). temporaryCoreData

An interesting side note is that, as per Marcus Zarra, this was enabled by default in iOS 6 but then was removed because this would too many production apps to crash.

I personally think that this is a very vital part of Core Data development as it would avoid random crashes due to  CoreData  threading violations that are virtually impossible to root cause.

I have redesigned our app’s Core data infrastructure to take advantage of specifying parent-child relationship among NSManagedObjectContext objects while also fixing the CoreData violations across our app.  I have also created a new scheme that will be shared across the team for Core Data debugging and which will also be enabled by default in Jenkins when buiding “dogfood” version of our app.


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Core Data Debugging Nugget

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